Please note that Playus Maximus is no longer in business.

However, Smugglers of the Galaxy is still available!
As are all of the free download supplements for the game!

Back inventory is now the property of designer DT Strain and the game may be ordered online from
DT Strain. The same prices, shipping policies, and secure transactions will be available.

If you are interested in Rocket League: The Thrilling Roleplaying Game, this is a product that was stalled in production for several years. It too has become the property of DT Strain. It is very possible the game may someday be revived and produced as a physical book, available for order online, but there is no guarantee when or if that will happen. Nevertheless, DT Strain is still accepting pre-orders. If you would like to be informed of any updates in the status of this game in the future, please feel free to pre-order or register your email with DT Strain. Simply send an email, with "Rocket League Pre-order" in the subject line. As was the case with Playus Maximus policy, none of your personal information will ever be shared, given, or sold with other individuals, companies, organizations, or lists without your permission.

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Smugglers of the Galaxy

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Rocket League: The Thrilling Roleplaying Game

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DT Strain is still designing games for personal use, with the possibility of selling the rights to new designs to other game companies, or making future products available through his website. Please feel free to bookmark and check back for more to come!